Game System Dropzone Commander
Format Blister
Unit Type Air Vehicle
Scale 10mm
Faction The Scourge
Finish Unpainted
Material Resin


The Desolator is a Terrifying engine of war. So destructive, that they fly seperate from the main Scourge Flotilla, to prevent it's fearsome firepower from indescrimately destroying friendly ships. Armed with the Ion Storm Generator superweapon, Desolators fly slowly towards their target raining down death and despair in equal measure.

Desloators are one of the most dangerous ships in the Scourge Fleet and see ocasional use as Fleet Command ships. Their superweapon allows gives them unparalleled destructive power. This Blister contains one resin miniature composed of 10 component parts. This model is supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.

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