Game System Dropzone Commander
Format Softcover
Rules Type Core Rules
Size A4
Material Paper/Card

Dropzone Commander Core Rulebook

New 1.1 version Rulebook

It is the 27th Century. Mankind has enjoyed a Golden Age of peace and prosperity, colonizing the stars. This all came to a horrific end, when the Terrible Neuro-Parasitic race known as the Scourge invaded Earth and the home colonies. Mankind was scattered amongst the stars, and had to rally it's forces and re-take their home. The Brave UCM find themselves in part of a much larger confilict that rages amongst the stars. The Enigmatic Shaltari Tribes, their vessels graceful yet terrible fly through the cosmos. With technology so far in advance of mankind, they has transcended the limitations of death, and seek the universe for further knoweledge. The former breakaway Colonies of Earth, turning their backs on the limitations of their human form and became the Post Human Republic. A race of Cyborgs, they are elite able to equal several regular men.

The Battle for the fate of Humanity has begun!

Dropzone Commander is a fast paced 10mm Sci-Fi wargame, pitting the Brave UCM against the Vile Scourge, enigmatic Shaltair; and the former human Post Human Republic. Battles are fought as a series of rapid deployments and re-deployments of your forces. Enabling a very fluid and reactive battle. Both sides use their Dropships to land their battle forces where needed, then scoop them back up and re-deploy when another front in the battlelines as required.

Full colour A4 sized Soft cover rulebook.


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