Game System Dropzone Commander
Format Blister
Unit Type Land Vehicle
Scale 10mm
Faction PHR
Finish Unpainted
Material Resin

Zeus Command Walkers

The Zeus is built upon the PHR type 2 chassis, and is optimised for the command role with the addition of a complex communications array and the experimental Aegis energy shield. Any commander taking to the battlefield in a Zeus is well protected inside this high tech platform.

The Zeus is used by PHR commanders to lead the troops from the very frontline - using the experimental technology of the Aegis energy shield coupled with the heavy armour of the type 2 chassis, the Zeus offers unrivalled protection for PHR officers. 
This Blister contains two resin miniatures composed of 7 component parts each. These models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.

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