Safety markings
Hi, I'm Lee "safetystick" Parnell.  You may remember from such blogs as "Safety Markings" and a brief spell on the short lived "Brighton Warlords Blog"
My adventures in wargaming start back in 1990 when Space Crusade appeared under the Chrstmas tree. I spent the rest of that day being massively anti-social, assembling Space Marines and Chaos Dreadnoughts with great enthusiasm.  My first attempts at painting the models with a combination of Humbrol enamels and artist acrylics still haunt me and I even found one recently!

Advert your eyes children! His evil can take many forms.

Thankfully, I got better.  Space Crusade led to the long departed "Evesham Models" and picking up such titles as “Space marine”, “Space Hulk” and “Rogue Trader,” plus paints and metal models. Warhammer 40K was my principle poison of choice until the dying days of 4th Edition.  My last great project was an entire 10thCompany of Space Marine Scouts, requiring a few “liberties” to make a viable army.  I had Scouts piloting Land Speeders before it was cool!  It's also problematic when GW weren't making half the weapon options!

Still, where there’s a Bazooka, there’s a way.

My growing dissatisfaction with 40K as a ruleset led me to look at historical wargaming.  I had done WWII themed Guardsmen so WWII wargaming seemed a logical step.  Thankfully, this is when I found Flames of War.  It was still Version 1 back then, with a heavy focus on Mid War.  The tank battles that took place in the deserts of North Africa grabbed my attention and I quickly had a desert themed British 8th Army.

Why yes, I did use the wood grain to give the impression of speed.  It was in no way a happy accident.

That led on to other armies, in other places;

Deutchland Afrika Korps radio truck - an awesome figure that serves no game purpose beyond being a truck...

British Airborne Jeeps - Like Clown cars but with more firepower

Nashorn - because having a long barreeld 88mm gun means you don't care if they laugh at the name

A brief experiment with 28mm;

It's my Bren!

And an even briefer one with 6mm;

Honestly, it wasn't painting DPM in 6mm that made me tire of it, it was the generally poor models

Which brings us to the present and the future

The future may involve Comets...

So, what am I doing here?  In some ways I’ll be doing the same as I did on “safety markings” and discussing what I’m painting, how I’m painting it, etc. 

How it’s all gone horribly wrong

But I also want to have a broader mandate to talk about the hobby.  So also expect a post reviewing the latest purchases, discussing what is going on in Flames, what new board game I’ve been playing and what the state of the hobby industry is. Usually with at least some humour to sweeten the read.


I’m looking forward to seeing what the Dice Saloon guys can do for the local community.  Hopefully you are too!

Ds ava

Lee Parnell

Figure Painter, Historical Wargamer, reluctant TO


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