Adeptus Brightanicus presents: Terminus.

As the Siege of Terra story arc draws to a close we’ll be running a series of Adeptus Titanicus events based on the climatic battles of the Horus Hersey!

The Warmaster's legions have breached the Mercury Wall and now run amok amongst the Imperial Palace, their engines roaring and their battle-cannons thundering. The remaining forces loyal to the Emperor fight a desperate rear guard action, seeking to extract the highest possible price for every meter of ground lost. Meanwhile, reality itself threatens to tear itself apart as the tumultuous energies of the warp seep into real space, confounding, corrupting, and complementing both sides in equal measure.

This is a narrative event for Adeptus Titanicus, representing the fierce battles around the Imperial Palace during the Siege of Terra. You will have 1500 points to spend on constructing your Titan battlegroup to fight over three games. The objectives for each game will be based on the matched play objectives, with each player's choice of objective thematically limited to represent the events of the campaign.

Over the course of the day, we will track victory points and engine kills to determine which side is victorious.

Missions will be thematically chosen from the Matched Play Guide.

What you’ll need:
An Adeptus Titanicus Battlegroup of up to 1500pts
Dice, Templates, Terminals and rules

Full Event Pack here!

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.