Age of Funmar™ Returns

Similar but legally distinct from Funhammer 40k™ 

Hosted by the ever wonderful humans of the Dice Saloon, a semi regular casual AOS event. This event will be very much aimed at casual play and a relaxed setting for people to try their hand at pitched battles against a variety of opponents across the day. This is not an event intended for the high meta list but an on ramp to get people used to the format or allow people more used to competitive play to test out fun and thematic lists. As a result there will be some stipulations on list building.

This event aims to welcome players of all experience levels,  however, this is not the ideal environment to learn to play the game from scratch. Players are expected to have a few battles under their belt, an understanding of the core rules, the rules for their army and a copy of the most recent edition of the general’s hand book. For those looking to learn how to play AOS from scratch, the Dice Saloon runs Path to Glory events that provide the perfect  environment to learn. While we welcome more experienced and competitively minded players, those individuals are likely to find themselves paired together and we request a toning down of your lists in the spirit of the event. Remember! This event is more about great games, close games and fun games than winning.

Change log:


Team split or combo in event of odd numbers now for duration of event and volunteers will be asked for.
Sons of Behemat now allowed at this event. 
Limits to Prime Target units added.
Tamurkhan’s Horde and Legions of Azgorh support added.
Change to endless spells/invocations.

What to expect on the day:

The day will consist of three, 1200 point battles. We will be using the most recent edition of the GHB and the Pitched Battle Profiles with some modifications (as listed below) to help with the more casual nature of the event. There is an option to submit lists as part of a team with both players bringing 600 point lists. This is aimed at a guardian with a child, pairs of kids with a guardian or just people wanting to play as a team. If you are not part of a team you are asked to bring both a 1200 and 600 point list so that in the event of odd numbers everyone will still get a game as two 600 point lists get paired up against a 1200 point list.

In the event of odd numbers of players the splitting of a team or combination of two players that were planning to play solo will now happen at the start of the event and be fixed for the duration. This will allow the new team to get to know each other and teamwork to develop as the day progresses. This split or combination will be taken from volunteers first.

List Construction:

Unless otherwise specified, we are using the Pitched Battle 2021 rules including Realm Rules and access to core battalions, battle tactics and grand strategies.

Solo players are asked to bring two army lists to this event:

List one:

1200 points
Leader: 1-3
Battleline: 2+
Behemoth: 0-2
Artillery: 0-2
Endless spells 0-2
Reinforced units: 0-2
Allied units: 0-200 points

List two:

600 points
Leader: 1-2
Battleline: 1+
Behemoth: 0-1
Artillery: 0-1
Endless spells 0-1
Reinforced units: 0-1
Allied units: 0-100points

Teams of two are asked to bring one army list each of 600 points to this event.

600 points
Leader: 1-2
Battleline: 1+
Behemoth: 0-1
Artillery: 0-1
Endless spells 0-1
Reinforced units: 0-1
Allied units: 0-100points

Additionally, no single unit in your army should be worth more than half your total points allowance.

Faction terrain will be used in this event.

Battlescroll: “The Hunt” will be in use at this event.

Your army can only only include one unit noted as a Prime Target and that unit may not be reinforced. Please reference Battlescroll: “The Hunt” for a current list of Prime Targets.

Tamurkhan’s Horde and Legions of Azgorh may be used as presented in their forge world PDFs in full.

Endless spells and invocations may be deployed as part of your army following the normal deployment restrictions for the battleplan you are playing. Must be set up within the listed casting range of the controlling wizard or priest.

Restrictions of this kind are likely to shift and change as we run more of these events and get a feel for what the best ruleset we can put together is. Please bear with us as we go through this experiment together.

All army lists should include their grand strategy and triumph. In a team game you will be expected to have one grand strategy as a team and your battle tactics will be chosen as a team. You should clearly indicate any battalions, enhancements and the units they are equipped to.

You are expected to have a paper copy of your army list available for review of the organiser or your opponent upon request.

If you have any queries about the viability or legality of your army list please get in contact with the organiser on the Dice Saloon Discord a minimum of 48 hours before the event.

Hobby standards:

The minimum required effort is that all your units are fully built and on the legal sized bases. Painted armies would be lovely but I appreciate that it can be intimidating and time consuming. Those who bring unpainted armies I hope you find inspiration from those who brought painted armies. (Did you know the Dice Saloon hosts a monthly Hobby and Hang evening where you can paint with other like minded individuals? Ask your friendly staff member for more details today!)
Conversions and proxies are fine but should clearly be identifiable as the model it is representing to avoid confusing less experienced players.

Estimated Schedule for the day:

Battleplans for the day will be taken from GHB 2021 and will be revealed before the round begins.

Rounds are planned to be two hours. Time will be given for food and rest between rounds.

10:00: Open doors and registration.

10:30: Planned start of round one.

1800: End of day

Code of conduct:

Physical, verbal or other abuse of attendees of this event, other visitors of the Dice Saloon or staff will not be tolerated. A genuine misunderstanding will result in a verbal warning but continued or significant infractions will result in attendees being asked to leave.

Players are expected to have taken care of their personal hygiene needs before coming to the event.

Please see The Players Code at the start of the core rules for AOS 3.0 for more details.

Prizes and prize support:

Rather than store credit. A selection of Hobby related tools and paint sets will be available as prizes. Awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings, along with Best Painted and most sporting player.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.