Greetings curious new generals and experienced commanders alike. You are cordially invited to a casual Age Of Sigmar event. Using the revamped 3.0 Path to Glory system, you will have the opportunity to slowly develop your troops from a fledgling force of 600 points to a mighty throng of grizzled and experienced warriors.

This is a new player friendly event and people will be on hand to help you learn the basics of the game and how the Path to Glory system works.

What this event requires from you:

A collection of assembled miniatures to represent a 600 point AOS 3.0 army. Painted minis are encouraged but not required. Your starting force should consist of One hero to be your warlord and one battle line unit at minimum. The other choices are up to you within the 600 point limit. Named or unique units are not permitted.
Your faction battletome
Ten to twenty six sided dice
A tape measure marked in inches
A pad of paper and a writing implement of choice

These items are an excellent starting point but by no means exhaustive.

The event will take place between 1800 - 2200 on Monday's and will be occurring every fortnight. Individual battles are likely to take upwards of two hours depending on familiarity. People will be matched with opponents as they arrive, but you are neither expected or required to stay the whole evening. If there are any questions then please speak up on the Path to glory Dice Saloon Discord channel. Discord Link 

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.