Store Championship season is once again upon us and we will be kicking it off with our Netrunner event.

The format will be 5/6 rounds of swiss, followed by top-4/8 double elimination, numbers depending.

We will have 30mins lunch break after round 2/3
Dice Saloon asks people not to consume outside food or drink on the premises, there is a range sandwiches and snacks available on site.

Swiss will end around 18:30ish and top 8 end 21:00ish

25th November 2018,
Registration opens 10:20,
Last registration: 10:50,
Round 1 starts 11:00,
Swiss will end around 18:30 and top 8 end 21:30.

65min round swiss with 5/6 rounds,
Top 4/8 double elmin.


Store champions kit as well as custom prizes.

Champion: Trophy plaque, a Regional Bye,

Top Two: TBA

Top Four: TBA

Top Eight: TBA

Top Thirty-Two: TBA

Ticket Price: £8 in advance £10.00 on the day

We have space for 32 players.


Legal cards: All cards printed by FFG are legal, draft and promo cards are legal if played in opaque sleeves due to different hue. Custom AA ident cards are allowed.

Set Legality: Legal sets will be capped 1 week before the event (November 17th), any set released in the UK by then will be legal. Rotation and most up to date MWL will be in effect.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.