Welcome Investigators to the Dark Matter campaign
It's 2147, you have just awoken from cryo-sleep in a seemingly abandoned space ship – The Tatterdemalion. From there on, you are thrown into a deep space adventure across the solar system to prevent the extinction of the human race. Heavily inspired from Call of Cthulhu supplements Ripples from Carcosa by Oscar Rios and End Time by Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere, Dark Matter explores a potential glimpse of the future of humanity in a vast and unknowable universe.
Dark Matter is an 8 chapter campaign. 

For this campaign we will be playing from the scenarios of the fanmade Dark Matter campaign.
You will need: 
  • Two legal investigator decks built to the specified XP level. Ideally one that has the ability to gain clues easily and regularly or one that can handle themselves against monsters, then your second deck can be whatever you like. The XP level will be updated based on the previous scenarios and shown in the campaign log (google doc link at bottom of page) If you own the scenario it would also be very helpful to bring that. We recommend each player bring an additional deck in the unlikely event we need to 'balance' the groups a little better. 
  • A copy of the scenario. This is not important but we only have access to 2 copies so extras will always be required. Please do not be offended if yours aren't used. NOTE, for Dark Matter, we have plenty of the scenario sourced, so fear not. 
  • A set of tokens and chaos bag along with keys, blessed and cursed chaos counters. Again this not important but we will only have access to limited sets.

We will be playing on Standard difficulty.
There is no need to commit to every scenario during this campaign you can drop in and out for any scenario, abiding by the rules currently set by the campaign log.
In this campaign we will be insisting that your investigator deck will be built with a total experience no more then 3 below the maximum available. This is to ensure that the power level of your deck is adequate for the point we are at in the campaign.
Campaign log

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.