BriBBe -Brighton Blood Bowl entertainment presents Sevens to Elevens!

Friday night is Blood Bowl night and now it’s time to hit the pitch!

These sessions will offer the following game formats for organised games for veterans as well as tutorial games for newer players:

Blood Bowl Sevens - this played on a smaller pitch with only 7 players rather than the standard 11 players. Sevens is the equivalent of college football in America with players being less well drilled and skilled than the big leagues of standard Blood Bowl.

Standard Blood Bowl (Elevens) -  in a ladder competition for those players that aren't able to, or would prefer not to commit to the main league.

Gutterbowl - this is the less officially recognised and definitely under the radar form of Blood Bowl that is played by opposing taverns in the market squares cities across the old world. Occasionally it will be played in the sewers of the larger cities to avoid the authorities.

Dungeon Bowl - run by the nerds at the Colleges of Magic, as it name suggests this isn’t played on a pitch but in a dungeon with teleporters and exploding chests (one of them contains a ball). Each college of magic sponsors it’s own team drawing on a mixture of races rather than the traditional (mostly) single race teams found in standard Blood Bowl.

We have a Facebook group to arrange matches here
And a discord server here
As well as the general Dice Saloon Server here

BriBBe also runs a league with one match played every 2 weeks, with an 8 match season before playoffs. Season 10 is coming to an end and will season 11 will kick off in September

Important Note

After purchasing your ticket, please ensure that you post in one of the Blood Bowl pages letting us know which format you are planning to play. 
This will help us make sure that everyone gets an opponent

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.