Join us for the grand kick-off of the new season. Things are happening a little differently this year, with two-week 'gameweeks' in which to play each match, although there's still no fixed Blood Bowl night so you can work around your and your opponents other commitments. In the grand tradition of the Brighton League, we will be having a big kick off social evening of violence and sportsman(elf-/orc-/goblin-/zombie-)ship.

The league is open to new and returning players alike, and to rookie and experienced coaches. We primarily arrange games through a facebook group so please join the group and check out the recent posts for information on how the league will function, as well as links to the signup sheet.

Important - Please Read
All players will have their game for the evening arranged beforehand. Please only book if you are certain you can come, and make sure that you have signed up via the links on Facebook. The deadline for booking and signup is Midnight on 3rd February, any bookings made after this will be refunded as we cannot guarantee you a place in the league and an opponent.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.