Welcome to the ticket page for Coastal Clash at Dice Saloon.

This is a 1500 point Adeptus Titanicus tournament over 3 rounds.

Registration starts at 10:00 with the first round kicking off at 10:30.
Each Round will last for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Conversions are permitted at the event although the model in question must be immediately recognisable as what it represents.

Please be sure to bring your own gaming materials/aids including a command terminal for each unit, weapon cards as appropriate, markers and templates.

As this event is at Dice Saloon no outside food or drink is permitted without the consent of the venue.

A facebook event for the tournament has been set up and will be used for any announcements, details and the tournament pack.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.