Arkham Nights UK is here! One night to celebrate all things Cthulhu and his menagerie of Great Old One friends. No, this isn't a cult, or wait, is it!?

We'll be bringing forth beings from other dimensions to make this a truly special evening.

1920's fancy dress is encouraged.

For fans of the Arkham Horror card game, a 12 player multiplayer standalone event will be taking place. (See below for more information)

Those interested in roleplaying, a Call of Cthulhu adventure will be available. Gamesmastered by a seasoned professional. (5 players)

We'll also have a variety of fan favourite board games dedicated to our tentacled friend such as:

Cthulhu Wars (6 players)
Unfathomable (6 players)
Elder Sign
Arkham Horror Card Game
And more..

The main games will be ticketed so plan early and grab yourself a spot to the game you wish to be apart of. It's unlikely you will be able to pick multiple side events. If you're in one of the ticketed events and it does finish early, you are welcome to stay and continue playing other games that will be on display or anything from our library.   

But that's not all, no no no! Everyone participating in this Eldritch extravaganza will be able to take part in our Trivia Quiz and be eligible to our giveaways. 

...maybe this is a cult.

More Information.

Arkham Horror Standalone event.
The city of Arkham is caught in a dark plot that spans across decades! From the quiet days of Arkham’s past to the bustling days of its future, you and your fellow investigators will chase the culprits of this chronological caper before they undo sixty years of important scientific discoveries. Will you find and rescue the missing scientists from their captivity in the twisted realm of Tindalos? Or will your travels through time cause unintended consequences for the past, present, and future?

Standalones are much like regular scenarios however you can spend experience before the scenario like being apart of a larger campaign.
These are ideal for those less likely to be able to commit to a full campaign but enjoy the Arkham Horror experience and for those that want to test some cards before using them for a campaign.
You will need to supply your own tokens, cards and chaos tokens and scenario. It's very likely there will be enough tokens and scenarios around for use during the event however we just want to make sure everyone is covered. You own cards/deck is a must!

When playing a standalone game (i.e., playing a single scenario as a one-off adventure, removed from its campaign), the following rules apply:
= When building a deck for a standalone game, an investigator may use higher level cards in his or her deck (so long as they observe the deckbuilding restrictions of the investigator) by counting the total experience of all the higher level cards used in the deck, and taking additional random basic weaknesses based on the following table:
0-9 experience: 0 additional random basic weaknesses
10-19 experience: 1 additional random basic weakness
20-29 experience: 2 additional random basic weaknesses
30-39 experience: 3 additional random basic weaknesses
40-49 experience: 4 additional random basic weaknesses
A player cannot include 50 or more experience worth of cards in a standalone deck.
Cards such as the 'Strange Solution (IDENTIFIED)' may also be included for these scenarios.
We would also encourage players to adhere to the rules of TABOO, Mutated and Chained/Unchained cards. See link below.

Call of Cthulhu RPG
This adventure requires that all you need is yourself, an adventurous attitude and a sense of humour. Pre-written characters will be provided along with dice.

Board Games
A variety of Cthulhu based games will be on display or available to play during the evening. Ranging from those listed above. You are welcome to book a table and play any game you like but Cthulhu Wars is ticketed with limited spaces.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.