Calling all young heroes for adventure!

Welcome to the fantastic realms of Dungeons and Dragons young heroes!

These are weekly sessions of Dungeons and Dragons run by the Dice Saloon's mysterious dungeon masters, local experts of story telling and myth making.

With their help you will become heroes of the age, saving towns, slaying dragons and delving dungeons for loot and plunder!

Not all sessions will be the same, every time you attend you will be put into the shoes of a new hero with different abilities and skills then pitted against new dangers and puzzles.

Save the realm and become a hero for the day!

These sessions will be one shot adventures each week where attending players will receive a selection of randomised, pre-generated characters to choose from and a selection of missions for the players to choose to undertake as a party.

Each session will be self contained and there will not be an overarching story so that if a player misses a week they will not miss out on anything important and story related.

Characters played in these sessions will not level up or receive permanent upgrades.

Any items found during the adventure should be used in the adventure as they will not carry over to any other sessions.

Sessions will be tailored to the experience level of the players attending to make sure that no player is left out or left behind, so no matter how much or little you have played you will have a place here.

Recommended ages 12-15
Covid restrictions may apply and players will be briefed on the day. 

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.