Welcome to the Dice Saloon FunHammer tournament!

“The only good 'ooman is a dead 'ooman. An' da only fing better than a dead 'ooman'z a dyin' 'ooman who tell you where ter find 'is mates.” - Morglum Necksnapper

Dice Saloon is proud to present a regular series of casually-competitive Warhammer 40000 events, aimed at new or younger players, who want to have a go at playing some tournament style games in a relaxed and fun setting.

The event will consist of three 1500 point games of Warhammer 40,000, using the most up-to-date Strike Force missions from the 40k Grand Tournament pack. Prizes will be awarded for each pod winner, for coolest army and for best fluff (more on this below!)

If you are a more experienced tournament player – first of all, hi! Come in, your welcome.

Right, if you're planning on attending this event, please bear in mind that it is aimed at players who just want to dip their toe into the tournament scene and play some fun games in a safe environment. You are more than welcome, but maybe don’t bring your smashiest meta list? Maybe this is the time to bring something a bit fun and silly? And maybe take your foot off the gas a bit? There are no ITC points here!

Army Lists.

No more than 1500 points in total, using the most recent points available.

Your army must be drawn from a single current 40k codex and your entire army must be from the same sub-faction (you can use the various Space Marine codex supplements of course!).

Note : Obviously Drukhari are the exception, as it is fluffy for them to have Cabals, Cults and Covens in one army, but no mixed detachments are allowed. Chaos Daemons also may run mixed-god detachments. Imperial armies can also include Imperial agents in their armies, and Chaos armies can summon daemons. However, they must include the reinforcement points in their list as per the current rules). If there is anything we have missed that might be appropriate to run, please message the TO’s and we can have a look.

Because of the principles of this event (outlined above), if the TO judges your list is overly ‘meta tuned’, then they might privately ask you to tone it down a bit (this is at the TO’s discretion).

Your list should be submitted to Best Coast Pairings by midnight the Sunday before the event. If your list has any mistakes, we will ask you to correct them. It would help if you submit them in a legible format, please! If your list is submitted late then you will be ineligible for any prize support, so please get it in before the deadline.

Please download the Best Coast Pairings app before the event and make sure you have registered for the event on the app. You should have the app on your phone while you at the event. You can search for it on the Apple store or the google play store – you want the player app and not the TO app. Please feel free to contact the TO if you have any questions or need a bit of help sorting it out.

Though my guards may sleep and ships may rest at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.

- Luft Huron, Tyrant of Badab

Hobby Standards.

There is no greater spectacle than the sight of lovingly painted Warhammer armies smashing each other into mince! We want to see armies that you are proud to show off and play with. This doesn’t mean that we only want to see armies painted to a ‘high’ standard – what interests us is your effort and love of the hobby. Although everyone loves to see ‘Golden Daemon’ winning armies, we really want to see cool armies, that you have poured you heart and soul into. We are very happy to see cool conversions and scratch-built stuff, as long as it meets our hobby standards.

- Your army must be painted to a 3 colour minimum. There is no requirement to paint factions ‘correctly’, so but we would ask that any faction clearly painted as a notable, known faction needs to be played as that faction (for example, no running Ultramarines as Blood Angels). However, if you have come up with your own scheme but want to use a specific sub-factions rules this is completely fine. It’s your army!

- A prize will be rewarded for the coolest army – please note that this will not just be judged based on the sheer ‘wow’ factor. We will also consider the overall theme, attention to fluff and overall ‘coolness’ of the army. Also, if your army has been pro-painted by someone else, please be honorable and let us know!

- Your army must be based, it doesn’t matter if this is a bit of sand, some texture paint or an incredibly sculpted masterpiece that makes us weep to behold it. Just wack some stuff on the base, yeah?

- Any conversions / third-party models should match the size of the original model as much as possible and be on the correct size base. They will also require approval in advance, please contact the TO at least a week before the event. Again, the important thing here is effort – if you have made an awesome scratch-built model / conversion and you want to use it we will go out of our way to accommodate you. What we don’t want to see is lazy ‘conversions’, that have been slapped together to represent a unit that is currently hot in the meta and make our eyes melt like wax to look upon (you know who you are). Yes, you.

We want to be fair to everyone, but please be aware that if you don’t meet these standards, you will be ineligible to win any prize support. The tournament organisers word is final on this! Please don’t make a stink about it, we are here to have fun and shenanigans will not be tolerated.


We would ask each player to write a short paragraph of ‘flavor text’ that explains the fluff of their army – this doesn’t need to be Shakespeare and is not mandatory (but strongly encouraged). There will however be a prize for the best one, so get creative people!


The missions will be randomly generated before each round from the most up-to date Grand Tournament pack from Games Workshop.

If a mission is generated that that the majority believe is ‘rubbish’ (looking at you Vital Intelligence), then this can be rerolled if enough people vote for this (with a show of hands). The result of the second roll is final!


Because of the current Covid restrictions, there are limits to the number of players that can take place in events at the moment and we have been forced to adapt to that.

Each player will be randomly assigned to a pod of 6 players. Each pod will play three games of Warhammer 40k using the swiss pairing system. If two players are tied for a pod, the pod will be decided based on the total points scored during each of their games. If they are still tied (I.e both players scored exactly the same number of points in each game, then they will share the prize support for their pod).

The top player in each pod will be awarded a prize (note that this means there will be no overall winner of the event, this is deliberate).

10:00 - Doors open for registration. Please arrive promptly – if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for any round you will count as having lost that round and your opponent will be awarded a 70 - 0 win. The TO’s judgment is final on this.

10:30 - Round 1 starts.

13:00 - Round 1 ends.

13:00-13:30 - Lunch break 1

13:30 - Round 2 starts.

16:00 - Round 2 ends.

16:15 - Round 3 starts.

18:45 - Round 3 ends

19:00 - Winners announced and prizes are awarded!


The point of this event is for a bunch of 40k fans to have some fun casually-competitive games and have a laugh. We expect everyone that attends to play in the spirits of good-natured sportsmanship, to play by intent (by verbally making your intent clear before you do something in the game) and have a reasonable level of tolerance for ‘take backs’ and so on.

We encourage both players to have a conversation at the start of the game to make sure you are both aware of the kind of game you want to play – communication is king in this game.


Prizes will be awarded as follows:

- 1st Place for each pod will receive £15 store credit

-The best "Fluff" written for an army will receive £5 store credit

-The coolest army will receive £5 store credit. This will be judged based how your fluff and your painting theme mesh together and not judged based purely on how well painted the models are.

Event Behaviour We will NOT TOLERATE the following:

- Cheating. If you think your opponent is purposefully cheating, or attempting to cheat call over a judge. This is not something that can be dealt with afterwards, it needs to be judged in the moment. If a player is found to be deliberately cheating, they will be ejected from the event and not welcome at future Dice Saloon 40k events. Don’t cheat at war dollies! It is silly. And not in the spirit of this event.

- Slow Play. This is a fun event and we are not enforcing chess clocks. However, if your opponent is playing slowly and you believe it is cutting into your game time, please speak to them (nicely!) and call the TO over. I would ask that people bring armies that they can realistically get through a game with – if it’s your first time playing a horde and you have 90 models to move around, then maybe don’t do that. It is sporting to make sure your opponent gets to play as much of the game as you. Chess clocks will be made available at the TO’s discretion.

- Unpleasant, intolerant or abusive behavior. You will be disqualified from the event and banned from future events at the TO’s discretion. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism homophobia, transphobia or any phobic behaviour of any kind. Just no.

Covid 19.

It’s still with us, unfortunately. We would ask that you abide by the rules set out by Dice Saloon. As these are subject to change over time, they are not written here. You will be told about these on the day!

What to bring!

- Yourself!

- Your painted and based army.

- Dice, a tape measure, any cards or counters you may need. You will not be able to borrow your opponents so don’t forget them!

- A pen, score sheets will be provided on the day.

- Your phone with Best Coast Pairings installed on it. Don’t worry if you can’t do this, let the TO know in advance. You will need to ask the TO or your opponent to enter your scores for you, however.

- A facemask or face covering. These should be worn at all times when you are not at the table. You will not be allowed entry without this.

- Hand gel. This will be provided, but it also advisable to have your own stash.

Love the Emperor

for He is the salvation of mankind

Obey His words

for He will lead you into the light of the future

Heed His wisdom

for He will protect you from evil

Whisper His prayers with devotion,

for they will save your soul

Honour His servants,

for they speak in His voice

Tremble before His majesty,

for we all walk in His immortal shadow

-Imperial Hymnal

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.