Good news everyone! We're being given the unique opportunity to have a major board games distributor and publisher take over our gaming hall, this November. Hachette, are relatively new to the boardgame scene but have been going from strength to strength with a number of award winning and nominated lines such as:

Iki - Set in Edo period Japan, worker placement.
Gigamons - Set collecting, memory based family game
Akropolis - Tile placement, city builder
Secret Identity - Identity guesser with increasingly limited resources 
Stomp the Plank - Push your luck, set collecting

Hachette will be joining us November 4th and taking over our gaming hall with a number of games from their catalog. Try them first hand, here, at the store!
Several of their staff and our own will be on hand to show you how to play the games on display.

This event is FREE to attend. No ticket purchase necessary. Ideal for families and little ones also. 
Each of the games on show will be available to purchase during the day, whilst stocks last.
We hope you'll join us and make the day a special one. 

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.