IMPORTANT: Once you have purchased a ticket please complete the following Google form.
This will provide us all the legal bits we require but also the Toastie options your child wants each day!

This event is suitable for those aged 9 - 15 years of age. Spaces are  VERY limited.

Come join us for a THREE day mini campaign of our favourite role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons! These campaigns are designed for new and experienced players a like and will be a more focused experience of what we offer at our weekly kids club. The campaign runs from Tuesday 13th February to Thursday 15th February. We will start at 12pm each day and finish at 5pm. Each day there will be a 30 min lunch break at roughly 1pm (lunch will be provided). And a further 15 min break later in the afternoon.

The Gathering Storm is a level 15 adventure led by GM Ted. 

Gather now my soldiers and adventures as a great army marches upon our home. They have powers we have never seen before so we must gather all of our resources and get ready to defend our home. The kings mage Ohstus believes he has found a spell that can help protect the kingdom not just form this one attack but  from any future ones as well.  I am therefore assigning you lot to assist Ohstus with the spell, now get a move on he needs you urgently

Lunch will consist off:

A toastie
Piece of fruit
Pack of crisps
One chocolate bar
Squash will be available all day

The cafe will also be open during this time if they require any additional supplies. If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements please let us know on the consent form.


Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.