Net Runner is an asymmetric, one vs one LCG, or Living Card Game, that is supported globally by an awesome fan base Null Signal Games - even after the game was officially dropped by Fantasy Flight Games

Set in a Blade Runner type dystopian future you play as either a Runner trying to hack into Corporations or ‘Corps’ servers and steal agendas, or as the Corp protecting your information with traps and ‘ICE’. 

The Brighton NetRunners have been playing at Dice Saloon since literally day one and are, quite frankly, a nice bunch.

These sessions are casual meet-ups so that people can get a feel for the game and have some fun. There will be more competitive events in the future but you don't need to worry yourself about those if you just want a good time!

If you're just starting out then you can just come down to meet the players and get a game or two in, no need to bring anything yourself if you don't want to.
As you get more into the game then you are more than welcome to bring your own decks in to play with - since the game isn't official with Fantasy Flight Games any more you are welcome to bring Proxy cards that you've printed off yourself if you like.

You can join our Facebook group here
Our Discord server here
We also have an active slack community, if you're interested in joining that then drop us a message at for the direct link

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.