2-4 players
1 February 2023

Welcome back to One-Shot Wednesdays.

Fiasco is a game about bad people making worse plans and watching it all fall apart gloriously. In the suburbs, car parks and dead malls, there exists a fighting league like no other. You’re not strong enough for Street Fighter and too mediocre for Mortal Kombat, but you’re perfect for Fist City! A game of mediocre martial artists and petty grudges.

During the session we’ll make a collection of wonderfully flawed characters, then run through two acts where people make their plans to steal a victory or just steal the prize money for Fist City, then it’ll all come tumbling down in glorious fashion.

Game Details
Fiasco’s a card-based game, so you won’t need to bring any dice, but do bring along a good fight face.

The games made in a Fiasco are a bit like a Coen Brothers movie, and we default to an 18 rating, but depending on the preference of the players this can change.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.