Zombie World
2-5 players, 28 September 2022

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

When hell is full, the dead walk the Earth… but what about you? Where are you living and how do you survive each day? What will happen when your secrets come out, or when the camp runs out of supplies?

We’re starting Halloween a little early with Magpie Games’ Zombie World!

Game Details
Zombie World is a card-based game where you randomly generate a character, their skills and secrets, then see how they survive after the end of the world. You’ll also have a hand in building the camp and seeing the drama that unfolds as human tensions rise and the dead are tirelessly waiting for an opening to get in.

I’ll be using the X-Card, Lines & Veils and an Open Door as this will get dark, it will get violent and characters will die.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.