Are you interested to find out about Dungeons and Dragons? Are you uncertain what it's all about? How about spending an evening to find out? This is an opportunity to come and play Dungeons and Dragons, no prior experience needed.

Open Table Dungeons and Dragons is a beginner friendly way to play D&D. Every session is a self contained adventure, allowing players to come for a session and experience D&D in a single evening. The overall story is broken down into many episodes, as a TV series. Players are welcome to join for a session or two or stay for as long as they want.

The Dragon of Icespire Peak.
The mining town of Phandalin has recently been seeing a period of peace after a group of adventurers dealt with the local bandits led by the Black Spider. However peace in a frontier town is never for too long. A White Dragon, Cryovain has descended upon the nearby mountain range and claimed it for itself. Its arrival has also caused several of the monsters in the mountains to move down towards the town.
Heroes are needed to defend Phandalin and face the Dragon, are you willing to join up?

The only thing you will need is being ready to tell a great story with the others around the table. Dice and pencils are good, but optional.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.