Are you interested to find out about Dungeons and Dragons? Are you uncertain what it's all about? How about spending an evening to find out? This is an opportunity to come and play Dungeons and Dragons, no prior experience needed.

An Open Table game is a bit like a TV series, every episode (session) is a small complete story within the season. You will take control of your character for that episode. A character may only be around for a single episode, they may be in occasional episodes, or they may become a regular part of the story, that's your choice. 

The Lost Mines of Phandalin: Episode 5
Having chased the Redbrand Thugs out of Phandalin, our heros searching the surrounding area for Cragmaw Castle where their friend Gundren Rockseeker is being held.

The only thing you will need is being ready to tell a great story with the others around the table. Dice and pencils are good, but optional.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.