Welcome to the Pokémon Fan Club get together!

The Fan Club Get Together is a celebration of all things Pokémon and runs along side Pokémon TCG pre-releases and provides everyone with something Pokémon, even if the cards aren't their thing.

If handheld Pokémon games are your jam, we will be having some battles going on with the locals in the new Scarlet and Violet games, you just need to battle one of them and win or lose you will be given a Shiny Pokémon for taking part - each Get Together will feature a different Pokémon to be given away!

For Pokémon Go, we will be having a constant Lure running throughout the day, so come and catch at your hearts content!

Don't fancy digital? Well we will have a craft stall on the day too, with crafty bits and bobs made by local talent, if you're a crafter yourself and want to showcase as well as sell your work, drop us an E-mail at social@dicesaloon.com and we will work something out with you.

Speaking of not playing digital, did we mention that there's a card game pre-release going on as well?

There will be a number of goodies given out at each Get Together, but they'll be changing every time so who knows what you'll be getting next?!

And if there's any pre-release kits left over after the event then players in the Pre-Release and participating in the Fan Club Get Together will get first priority to grab them.

All of our pre-release events are organised and run by our team over at Dice Saloon Singles - you can find their event information here.

If you are already signed up to a pre-release then you won't need to get a ticket here as well - you're already covered by your pre-release ticket!

If this proves to be a popular event then we will look into more regular Get-Togethers, rather than limited to pre-release dates, and introduce some more activities - give us some feedback to let us know how to improve the experience.

Please be aware that the crafts stall will be a cash only.

Information for our crafts sellers

On the day our craft stall will be manned by our very own George who will be keeping an eye on and selling all the goodies for the day on your behalf, no need to spend your day at the shop as well - unless you want to take part in all the Get Together Activities yourself!

You will need to provide the following items to George on the day, or before the day:
  • A stock list with the quantities of each item being provided - ideally printed with clear indication of which item is which, either in picture form or text
  • The price for each item you will be selling it for - this is the only price that George will take on the day and will not be haggling or giving discounts on your behalf
  • Any specialist transport solutions for your items - such as a box for fragile items made of glass, etc. The store will not be able to provide these

If you would rather stay and set up a stall for yourself, let us know and we will make sure to make space accommodations for additional sellers.

One the day is complete, you will be able to collect any unsold items and cash for any sales made of your goods during the day with 10% being levied to help pay for the space and running of the event. For any unsold crafty goods, they must be collected by 7pm - if this is absolutely not possible for you, please email us to discuss alternatives.

All proceeds from Get Togethers will be put back into future Get Togethers to grow our awesome Pokémon community, making sure that a lure can run the whole day, provide some Pokémon goodies to the younger trainers, explore the possibility of running some Scarlet/Violet digital tournaments with prize support and generally make sure that everyone has a lovely day.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.