Dice Saloon is proud to announce our next X-Wing OP Event!

As we’re all getting used to being back on the tables, the aim of the event is to have fun, roll some dice and shout *pewpewpew* with some friends.

Standard FFG Tournament scoring system will be used.

Win 1 point
Loss 0 points

WHAT: The Dice Saloon’s July Extended Tournament

WHEN: Saturday, July 24th, registration opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:30 - Round 1 kicks off at 10:45.

WHERE: The Dice Saloon. 88 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF

This tournament will be a “SUPER Relaxed Tier” tournament.

Any game ending in a draw will be determined using the Final Salvo rule.

This tournament will be formed of pods of 6 players and each player will play 3 rounds of swiss within their pod. The winner being either the person who has won the most rounds or the person with the highest wins and mov on the day.

If we have more than 6 players we will separate the players into multiple pods. The winner of the event will then be the person with the most wins and highest mov on the day.

Players will not be allowed to mix with other pods during the day and masks will be compulsory on the day whilst not at the table. During game and while in their pods, players may go without their mask. Hand sanitiser will be available to each table and all participants are encouraged to use it.

Where possible minimise any contact with your opponents gaming pieces. We ask that all players please try to make sure you have everything with you that you would normally need to play your games.

If you do find that on the day or leading up to the event you have COVID-like symptoms please for the safety of all participants we ask that you not come to the event. We hope you can understand that we wish to keep everyone safe during these times.

We are limiting the event to 18 players.

The tournament is an EXTENDED FORMAT tournament - Each player is required to bring two copies of their squads. (One copy for the TO, the other for your opponent - Squad list on your portable device is acceptable for your opponent)

Squads must contain no more than 200 squad points and conform to all of the rules laid down in the core rulebook, rules reference and tournament rules PDF.

Players will also require all tokens, templates and cards they will need during the day. Proxies are not allowed at the competitive level of play.

The expected schedule for this event is as follows:

10:00 - 10:30 Sign in.
10:35 - 10:45 Announcement of 1st round pairings and set up time.
10:45 - Start of Round 1
A planned break after Round 2

**Number of rounds will be determined by the number of players with a minimum of three rounds - there will be no top cut for this event**

X wing support page (which includes core rulebook, current FAQ and tournament rules.)

We have a number of FFG kits and bits from the “before times” and will be putting together something for these events, details in the event Facebook page once that's sorted.

Never played X-Wing before but want to give it a go? There is a regular X-Wing evening in the store every Tuesday night from 18:00 and we will be more than happy to teach you how to play.


We look forward to seeing you there and May The Force Be With You.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.