Nurgle has ravaged the lands but Blood Bowl has survived and is coming back to Brighton. Brighton Blood Bowl League (BriBBe), in collaboration with Dice Saloon are proud to announce their third Blood Bowl tournament, The Brighton Block III!

Tournament Format and Rules The tournament will be a four game tournament the first game will be randomly drawn between coaches with subsequent matchups following a Swiss - Resurrection style system.

NAF Sanctioning is applied for.

Starting team value will be 1.15 Million gold pieces (Team Value 1150) and players may choose a roster up to this value. Rosters may be chosen from any of the teams in the Blood Bowl Rule Book. Rosters can also be chosen from the official “Teams of Legend” list and the additional NAF Rosters for Slann and Daemons of Khorne Teams. Any additional official teams and rosters from Spike magazines released before 11th September 2021 will also be allowed.

This will be a resurrection format tournament (no long term injuries) and with no progression (no star player points earned). Instead, when building their roster, coaches may purchase skills for their team according to an additional budget set by team tier (tiers are as per the 2020 rulebook).

  • Tier 1 Teams - 120,000 gold pieces
  • Tier 2 Teams - 150,000 gold pieces
  • Tier 3 Teams - 190,000 gold pieces

Only chosen primary skills (20,000 gold pieces) or chosen secondary skills (40,000 gold pieces) may be selected, randomly chosen skills are not allowed. Characteristic increases may only be purchased by Tier 3 Teams and are priced as per page 72 of the 2020 Blood Bowl Rulebook. No more than two additional skills can be allocated to any one player.

The scoring system will be 6pts for a win, 3pts for a draw and 1pt for a loss. Tiebreakers will be Strength of Schedule followed by Total Touchdowns and Total Casualties.

Rules will follow BB 2020 Official Rules (as clarified by the most recent FAQ) with the following modifications.

  • “We are Bribbe” Corruption is rife within the Brighton Blood Bowl League (the seagulls need their chip money). All teams will receive one free unnamed Biased Referee inducement (as per page 95 of the 2020 Rulebook) to use in one tournament game over the course of the day.
  • “You’re not from Brighton” The seaside resort of Brighthelmstone is renowned across the old world for its nightlife. Raucous hordes of stags and hens roam the streets, however, if promised “club entry” and a few free drinks, the masses are more than happy to turn up at the local stadia and shout for any team. All teams will therefore receive D3 free cheerleaders per match to be rolled before each game.
  • Any inducements from the list of “common inducements” on page 89 of the Blood Bowl rulebook may be allowed with the following changes 0-2 Star Players may be hired as per the 2020 Rulebook and from Spike Magazines from issue 11 onwards but only after a roster of at least 11 ordinary players has been hired. Legacy Star Players will not be allowed. Wizards, Mercenaries and Special Play card inducements are not allowed Additional inducement rules from the “Death Zone” supplement are not allowed.


10:00 – 10:15 Registration

10:15 – 12:15 – Game 1

13:00 – 15:00 - Game 2

15:15 – 17:15 - Game 3

17:45 – 19:45 – Game 4

Game time limits (~4minutes per turn) will be strictly enforced. Prizes: Prizes, in the form of store credit, will be available for the Winner, Runner Up, Most Touchdowns, Most Casualties and Best Painted Team and Best Stunty Team.

What to bring? Your team (ideally painted to tabletop standard – at least 3 colours per mini) Your Dice, Pitch and Dugouts (if possible) 2 copies of your roster indicating the skills to be assigned to each player at the start of the day and before game 3

Covid Restrictions Dice Saloon is a COVID secure gaming venue, it is hoped that the majority of restrictions will be lifted by the time of the tournament, however, if any restrictions remain in place we will advise on safe practices prior to the event.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.