Been discussing a crazy Xeno-Imperial team up with a buddy? Looking to get your lockdown army
on the board? Wanna play a tourney but new to the game and only have 1000 points painted?

Team up with a 40K friend, join the Dice Saloon’s first Warhammer 40K doubles tournament and
fight for control of the Brightonia Sector!

This is a one-day, 3 game, friendly, doubles tournament where each pair fields 2000 points of army
(1000 points battle-forged army per player). It’s a great opportunity for new players to team up with
a more experienced player and meet the local community in a slightly less competitive manner

This ticket covers the entry for your team.
For full details, timings, and army composition, please see attached rules pack  here

BCP Link -


LIST SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday 19th September, Midnight.
PLEASE SUBMIT ONE 2000 POINT LIST PER TEAM, with a cool team name. 

You can do this via the Best Coast Pairings App on the link here:

If you have not submitted to BCP before, you will need to download the player app first then follow this handy video guide for how to get your list from BattleScribe onto BCP.

Most things are in the rules pack previously shared, but here a few extra points which have arisen:

  • WARLORDS: Each player in a team may pick their own warlord. However, at the beginning of each match a team must nominate who counts as the warlord for opposition rules purposes (I.e. assassination secondary).
  • COMMAND POINTS: As each player is fielding 1000 points, each player starts the game with 6 CP. These CP may not be swapped between players. The extra CP per turn may be used by either player. Extra CP generated by a player, must be used by that player. 
  • SECONDARIES: To clarify, these are scored by the team as a whole. (I.e. for Engage on All Fronts, units in each quarter may come from a combination of each player). 
Prepare for war! 

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.