Will you side with the loyalist Autobots, the tyrannical Decepticons or find surprising alliances between the two in Dice Saloon's Constructed events for the Transformers TCG?

War For Cybertron: Siege I is now available. Put your new Micro-masters and Battle-masters to work!
Sideboards are now a valid part of deck construction and used within Constructed formats. This consists of 1 bot and 10 battlecards. These can be substituted in to your deck/team after the first match of each round. All other deck building limits and restrictions must be adhered to.

Rounds dependant on player count with a potential for top cut with larger player counts.
Each round will be a 'Best of 3' played within 55mins.
Players will be matched using the Swiss pairing system.

Tickets - £7.00

Prizes 1st Full set of Gold-foil Promo Character cards 2nd - 2 from a full set of Gold-foil Character cards 3rd - The remaining Character from the set of 3 (after 2nd place picks) Random - 1 player will also recieve 1x Gold-foil character from the remaining selection. Each entrant will enable 1x TFTCG booster into the pool and spread across top-half of the player pool weighted towards the top placings.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.