Warhammer Fantasy has returned!

This is a casual event for people to learn the new rules and try out their new army lists. The idea is to meet fellow generals for a bit of a chat and get 2 friendly games in over the course of the day. This is NOT a tournament so you do not need to worry about armies being painted or using the correct base sizes (for this event only). The focus is on learning the new rules whilst having fun.

As we will all have different size collections at various stages of table readiness, we will be running games at 1250 pts and 2000 pts. This gives people the option to play the size of game they prefer. Please feel free to bring a list for each points value if you wish.

Please note we will be using a battlefield size of 60 x 44 for this event. If you need assistance calculating your army list then there is a very helpful builder here: https://old-world-builder.com/


10am: Muster - A time for people to arrive, chat and find an opponent with the same point list and wanting to use same level of rules. (magic terrain etc).

10:45am: 1st Battle

1:45pm: Time for rations

2:15pm: 2nd Battle

5:15pm: Fall back in good order! - Time to retell stories of our epic actions and poor dice rolls, and pack away.

Cup-bearers - For those with young (15 or under) dependents or siblings. You are entitled to bring up to one Cup-bearer with you. This is included in your ticket price and is 0 pts for your army list. Your cup-bearer ideally wishes to learn to play Oldhammer and can carry out tasks for you such as:

*Helping setup your army
*Rolling dice
*Fetching food (unfortunately not ale).
* Or if you are just unable to sort babysitting for the day.

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.