About the FINAL FANTASY Trading Cards: The award-wining game was released in 2011 exclusively in Japan and strikes the perfect balance between fast-paced gameplay and strategy for hours of epic duels alongside your favourite characters! True to FINAL FANTASY, it features thousands of beautiful artworks and models covering the whole franchise. In short? A highly collectible, must have for any FF enthusiast!

Opus I will be launching this September with 186 cards to collect, a brand new design and game balance, don’t miss one bit and follow us on Facebook / Twitter for the latest updates!

*Product images are not actual products. There is no image available for the booster box at the time of writing.

Pre-Order Deals

We are offering these great deals for a short time. Pre-order now to get your cards at release.

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Deal 0

1 Booster Box.

Only £100! (rrp £133.20)

Deal1 3acee02eaad48dccfad8f6f7febb4c2b57f31a5ee402d8543bd37a66f7d2dea6

Deal 1

1 Booster Box +
All 3 starter decks.
Only £127.50! (rrp £169.20)

Deal2 c3047dc9fab013e64c44b995574b07fd3f05daef92a488f41c103b26a902075b

Deal 2

All 3 starter decks.

Only £30! (rrp £35.97)

Deal3 ad91b733e53d3dd78f4822701c23df5a2b8b964c31d4f9d27c348dc26cec5959

Deal 3

1 Booster Box +
Final Fantasy VII Starter.
Only £108 (rrp £145.20)

Deal4 da3252b383a2c4664b29052913730729a3acec197f5591b4c6f267a588064905

Deal 4

1 Booster Box +
Final Fantasy X Starter.
Only £108 (rrp £145.20)

Deal5 7a10e643e93194a53145a995e7951b4243f9c0a00cc3a41df3424152eaa1ba25

Deal 5

1 Booster Box +
Final Fantasy XIII Starter.
Only £108 (rrp £145.20)

Deal6 29c4645741bda49c4535a7e41c25e0b23a13d04b797e60d59ae8b3ddd83318db

Deal 6

Final Fantasy IIV Starter. £11.99

Deal7 2e6a062365a76ddb197f422830f74c105306f4abf4fe5a4a5c9b480e746c7221

Deal 7

Final Fantasy X Starter. £11.99

Deal8 6400e193cdd49fd9ad29082adfb8bd0c62019672ee8f7549cb942331f26adfce

Deal 8

Final Fantasy XIII Starter. £11.99

Deal9 e18840c2618824430554cce2f0f7fa42dd46d1f2c6855a9bfd58610b6ec3f657

Deal 9

6 Booster Box +
All 3 starter decks.
Only £600! (rrp £835.20)

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