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Abominations are creations of steam and sinew that are stitched together, no longer living, nor dead. Experimentation with machinery and dead bodies that have created unthinkable monstrosities and have existed in Malifaux since before the first Breach to Earth opened.

Outcasts represent the lowest caste in Malifaux as unfortunate souls who are able to beat out a merger existence as a petty crook or hired gun. A small few demonstrate talents or skills of note that allow them to climb from the gutter and exert their will upon the landscape of Malifaux intrigue.

This set contains 4 highly detailed plastic miniatures, Stat Cards and bases.

Please note: miniatures supplied come unpainted and some assembly may be required.


Game System Malifaux
For Ages 12+
Format Box Set
Scale 32mm
Faction The Outcasts
Finish Unpainted
Material Plastic