Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire

Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire



- 2 Astra Militarum Valkyrie Assault Carriers (can be assembled as Vendetta Assault Carriers)
- 3 Imperial Navy Lightning Fighters (can be assembled as Lightning Strike Fighters)
- 3 T’au Air Caste Barracudas AX-5-2 (can be assembled as AX-5-3 or AX-5-4)
- 2 T’au Air Caste Tiger Sharks
- a 36-page rulebook
- 1 Scenario Leaflet including three additional missions: Ambush, Breakthrough, and The Straggler
- 1 double-sided Area of Engagement game board (depicting two different war zones)
- 1 double-sided card token sheet (70 tokens to help you keep track of all the action)
- 8 six-sided dice (white with black pips)
- 1 transfer sheet (for the Imperial Navy, Astra Militarum and T’au Air Caste aircraft included in the set)
- 2 quick reference cards (containing the key game rules) 


Faction Astra Militarum, Imperial Navy, T'au Air Caste,
Game System Aeronautica Imperialis,
Category Science Fiction, Vehicle,
Unit Type Bomber Class, Fighter Class,
Product Type Miniature,
Scale 8mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Plastic,
Model Count 10,