Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery

Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery
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-Malign Sorcery features an 88-page softback book packed with rules and background
13 Endless Spells are represented, with 17 push-fit miniatures used to represent the Endless Spells on the tabletop:
 - A Purple Sun of Shyish
 - Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws
 - The Suffocating Gravetide
 - A set of Quicksilver Swords
 - An Aethervoid Pendulun
 - A set of Chronomantic Cogs
 - An Umbral Spellportal
 - A set of Soulsnare Shackles
 - A pair of Geminids of Uhl-Ghysh
 - A Burning Head
 - A Malevolent Maelstrom
 - A Prismatic Palisade
 - An Emerald Lifeswarm


Game System Age of Sigmar,
Scale 28mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Plastic,
Category Fantasy,
Product Type Miniature,
Model Count 17,
Endless Spells Endless Spells,