AK Interactive - Olive Drab Color Modulation Set

AK Interactive - Olive Drab Color Modulation Set
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American vehicles in WWII used as paint the Olive Drab. This set helps us paint with modulation effects on these U.S. vehicles, obtaining light and shadow tones with six colors to get the most subtle variations but not changing this special color olive drab. The easiest and quickest way to make the modulation in this tone. AK acrylic paints are water soluble and can be applied by brush and airbrush; additionally, AK paints are free of odors commonly found in aggressive solvent based paints
This set contains:
  • AK132 Olive Drab Shadow.
  • AK133 Olive Drab Dark Base.
  • AK134 Olive Drab Base.
  • AK135 Olive Drab Light Base.
  • AK136 Olive Drab High Lights.
  • AK137 Olive Drab Shine.


Paint Type Acrylic,
Paint Size 17ml,
Range AK Interactive,
Product Type Paint,