Aristeia! & Prime Time Bundle

Aristeia! & Prime Time Bundle

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The All-In-One box includes the Aristeia! Core Box and the Prime Time box, the expansion that adds all the rules and necessary materials to allow up to 4 players to join the fun, and new scenarios and Aristeia-compatible game elements, such as objective cards, running projectiles and more.


  • 1x All-In-One Core + Prime Time Bundle - English
Please note:

  • Printed materials are supplied in English


Min Players 2
Max Players 4
Min Playtime 60
Max Playtime 90
Age 14
Mechanic Action Points, Area Majority / Influence, Deck Construction, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Line of Sight, Variable Player Powers,
Category Fighting, Miniatures, Science Fiction, Sports,
Artist Kenny Ruiz,
Designer Alberto Abal, David Rosillo, Jesús Fuster,
Product Type Board game,