Animal Adventures: Starter Set

Animal Adventures: Starter Set

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Created for beginners, this RPG starter set is your gateway into the magical world of Animal Adventures and roleplaying games. Inside is everything you need to play a thrilling RPG campaign, with no experience needed (and awesome miniatures compatible with any tabletop RPG!). 

Explore exciting locations, face fearsome and fantastical beasts, and have fun!

What's in the box?
    • Simple, easy-to-follow rules
    • 4 adorable dog miniatures
    • 3 cute cat miniatures
    • 7 character sheets
    • Double-sided game map
    • Gamemaster screen
    • Set of illustrated tokens
    • Set of dice


Min Players 2
Max Players 4
RPG Animal Adventures (SFG),
Genre Fantasy (High Fantasy),
Age 14
Category Quick Start / Fast Play Rules, Scenario / Adventure / Module,
Product Type Role-playing game,
Game System Animal Adventures,