Arachnid Swarm

Arachnid Swarm

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Created to mop up after the work of the M&SU by removing evidence, bombs, and other signs of a crews presence. The Steam Arachnids are a melee units as they are covered in multiple bladed limbs. They perform even better when they activate their swarm together ability and attack in large numbers of three or greater. Just make sure you bring a giant glass cup with you to stop them. 

This Arcanist Box Set, contains three 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Can be constructed as two Arachnid Swarm or six individual Arachnids along with Stat Cards and bases.

Please note: These models may need some preparation and some assembly may be required.


Game System Malifaux
Scale 32mm
Faction The Arcanists
Finish Unpainted
Material Plastic