Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis

Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis

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Accompanied by her personal guard of Clockwork Angels, Aurora flies into battle at the front of the Convergence forces, leading by example and striking their enemies with swift precision alongside her mechanikal allies. Aurora is Showing a new way forward for the Convergence, proving herself a peerless warrior and visionary inventor for all to follow, she sweeps aside any who would impede the Great Work, continually seeking to prove she is ready to transcend the flesh and be set into an immortal clockwork vessel.

This Blister contains one metal miniature. This model is supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.


Game System Warmachine
For Ages 14+
Format Blister
Unit Type Warcaster
Scale 32mm
Faction Convergence of Cyriss
Finish Unpainted
Material Metal