Adventuria Almanac

Adventuria Almanac
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Publisher's blurb

Discover Aventuria in all its diversity! The Aventurian Almanac takes you into the world of the Black Eye, and offers an overview of the fantastic continent of Aventuria, the home of the fantasy role-playing game The Black Eye, on 240 full-coloured pages.

This description of the world forms the basis for your game on Aventuria and is aimed at players and masters alike. In the region overview you can learn everything about the different aventurian countries and their customs. Read about the icy glaciers of the far north, the home of the elves in the evergreen salamanders and the vast dimensions of the feudal Middle Kingdom. Discover the expanses of the Khôm desert, the pitfalls of the lizard swamps, the wrestling of the dwarven peoples or the steaming jungles of the meridianas. In addition to descriptions of the most important cities and regions and their inhabitants, excursions into the Aventurian flora and fauna with ready-to-play values for selected creatures and plants, interesting facts about trade and change, law and order as well as magic and gods' work await you. But also famous personalities, the history of the continent and mysteries especially reserved for the master are included in the Aventurian Almanac.

Two posters with large-format maps of the continent are included in the volume.


RPG The Dark Eye (5th Edition),
Genre Fantasy,
Category Campaign Setting (game world), Sourcebook (rules/options to enhance play),
Artist Anna Steinbauer, Annika Maar, Ben Maier, Diana Rahfoth, Elif Siebenpfeiffer, Fabian Schempp, Florian Stitz, Helge C. Balzer, Janina Robben, Jennifer S. Lange, Karin Wittig, Katharina Niko, Lorena Lammer, Marcus Koch, Matthias Rothenaicher, Mia Steingräber, Nadine Schäkel, Nathan Park, Nele Klumpe, Rabea Wieneke, Regina Kallasch, Sebastian Watzlawek, Steffen Brand, Tristan Denecke, Wiebke Scholz,
Designer Alex Spohr, Daniel Simon Richter, Eevie Demirtel, Florian Don-Schauen, Jens Ullrich, Tobias Junge,
Product Type Role-playing game,