Battlefield in a Box - Rural Road Expansion Set

Made of durable rubber, this Battlefield in a Box Rural Road set is supplied fully assembled and pre-painted, and is ready to game right out of the box. What better way to add another element of realism to your tabletop battlefield? 

This set contains a number of additional sections of Rural Road, including crossroads and T-sections, and is an ideal add-on to the original Battlefield in a Box Rural Roads set. 
This Boxed Set the following rubber scenery pieces. These items are supplied fully assembled and pre-painted.
- 1x 6” T Intersection.
- 1x 6” Crossroad Intersection.
- 1x 6” Rural Road to Cobblestone Road Transition.
- 1x 6” Rural Road.
- 1x 6” Train Track.
- 1x Rail Road Crossing.
- 1x 6” Curved Rural Road.
Also included are ; 
- 1x Packet of GFS001 Green Grass GF9 Static Grass.
- 1x Packet of GFS017 Meadow Blend GF9 Static Grass.

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