Godtear: Blackjaw, The Sweeping Flame & Unburnt Reavers

Godtear: Blackjaw, The Sweeping Flame & Unburnt Reavers
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"Blackjaw surges forward as a brazen destructive force, threatening to destroy all before him in a bright inferno. In the Sweeping Flame’s wake come the Unburnt Reavers, vicious orc followers that can withstand the blistering heat emanating from their leader, each racing headlong like wildfire."

This set includes Blackjaw, 5 Unburnt Reavers, Blackjaw's banner and profile cards.


Game System Godtear,
Unit Type Maelstrom,
Race Orc,
Class Barbarian, Berserker, Warrior,
Mechanic Area Majority / Influence, Grid Movement, Once-Per-Game Abilities, Variable Player Powers,
Category Expansion for Base-game, Fantasy, Fighting, Miniatures, Skirmish,
Product Type Miniature,
Scale 28mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Plastic,
Model Count 7,