Bucket of Doom

Bucket of Doom
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The death-dodging party game.

When the shit hits the fan you need a plan. Escape from seriously bad situations with the help of seriously useless objects.

Ever wondered what you’d do if you woke up buried alive in an airtight coffin? Or you discover you had an alien parasite in your stomach? Well, we have. And we’ve made it into a delightfully dark party game.

Bucket of Doom is a card based game in a hot pink toxic bucket. Players take it in turns to share their daring escape from impending doom using one of their personal object cards to escape. Players vote for their favourite story, best plan wins.


Min Players 4
Max Players 16
Min Playtime 30
Max Playtime 30
Age 18
Mechanic Storytelling, Voting,
Category Party Game,
Artist Ben Drummond,
Product Type Board game,