CATAN: Starfarers Duel

CATAN: Starfarers Duel

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In CATAN: Starfarers Duel, you explore the vastness of space, fly to distant planets, buy and sell resources, found colonies, and establish trade relations — all while keeping an eye out for pirates who threaten mischief. Perhaps you also want to arm your spaceship to be in good shape against threats...

The game, which has been extensively revised from 2001's Starship Catan, includes five entry missions and features a variable set-up.


Min Players 2
Max Players 2
Min Playtime 75
Max Playtime 75
Age 12
Mechanic Dice Rolling, Resource to Move,
Category Space Exploration,
Artist Franz Vohwinkel,
Designer Benjamin Teuber, Klaus Teuber,
Product Type Board game,