Wild West Exodus: Confederate Rebellion Posse

Wild West Exodus: Confederate Rebellion Posse
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Striking out from hidden strongholds against the hated Union, the Civil War continues for Stonewall Jackson and his Confederate Rebellion. This resin and plastic set includes six miniatures.

The Confederate Rebellion Posse contains

  • 1x Stonewall Jackson
  • 1x Jefford Williams
  • 1x Tobias Franklyn
  • 1x Confederate Terminator
  • 2x K9 Attack Dogs
  • 6x Bases
  • 9x Unit Information & Character Stat Cards

Models supplied unpainted, and may also require assembly.


Faction Outlaws,
Game System Wild West Exodus,
Race Dog, Human, Robot,
Class Gunslinger,
Min Players 2
Max Players 2
Min Playtime 60
Max Playtime 90
Age 12
Mechanic Action Points, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers,
Category American West, Miniatures, Pulp, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Wargame,
Artist Brandon Beren, Jon Cartwright, Roberto Cirillo,
Product Type Board game, Miniature,
Scale 35mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Plastic,
Model Count 6,