Crooked Men

Crooked Men

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Unlucky souls of miners crushed by cave-ins, the Crooked man are the bodies of miners resurrected to either mine more Soulstone or serve as muscle for the pit master who controls them.

The Resurrectionists are about all things undead, and tend to favour summoning new models and raining debilitating effects upon their opponents. The summoning, combined with having lots of wounds and a lot of damage-mitigating abilities, make them very hard gangs to shift.

This box set contains 3 highly detailed plastic crooked men miniatures, bases and stat cards.

Please Note: Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.


Game System Malifaux
For Ages 12+
Format Box Set
Scale 32mm
Faction The Resurrectionists
Finish Unpainted
Material Plastic