Dark Souls: The Board Game – The Sunless City Core Set

Dark Souls: The Board Game – The Sunless City Core Set

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The Sunless City was the shining jewel of Lordran, where sacred spires and legions of knights were bathed in perpetual golden light. An illusion hides the deceit of an empty throne, blinding the lonely spirits to the truth of their forsaken city, and their bleak existence in the ashes of a dead kingdom.

Within these ruins, a co-operative journey of survival and heroism will unfold...for those prepared to die.

In Dark Souls: The Board Game – The Sunless City Core Set, you can become the Herald, Pyromancer, or Warrior as you navigate the haunted ruins of The Sunless City. Your ultimate challenge? A brutal battle against the formidable Dragon Slayer Ornstein and the fearsome Executioner Smough.

But success in this perilous realm hinges on one vital element: teamwork. Co-operate with your fellow Unkindled as you venture into locales once bathed in golden light, now lost to shadows. Your enemies are dangerous, their attack patterns and weaknesses waiting to be uncovered.

Alas, death is not the end — but the price of failure is high. Should one of your characters meet their demise, the game presses on, but with a heavy price. The entire party must return to the bonfire, each encounter resetting, and the odds growing ever more challenging.


Min Players 1
Max Players 3
Mechanic Cooperative Game,
Category Exploration, Fantasy, Fighting, Medieval, Miniatures, Video Game Theme,
Product Type Board game,