Marshal's Handbook

Marshal's Handbook
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There’s Hell on the High Plains, amigo! The Tombstone Epitaph has always been filled with lurid tales of daring desperadoes and deadly drifters, but lately the West’s most-read tabloid claims there’s something more sinister stalking the frontier’s lonely plains: Monsters. Fortunately, where there are monsters, there are heroes. Squint-eyed gunfighters, card-chucking hexslingers, savage braves, and righteous padres have all answered the call. And if they fight hard enough, they might just discover the identity of the mysterious Reckoners some say are behind it all.

The Marshal’s Handbook is the setting book for Deadlands Reloaded. It includes expanded Setting Rules for the Marshal’s eyes only, the lowdown on all the strange locales of the Weird West, more creepy critters than you can throw a tomahawk at, and everything a Marshal needs to keep the Reckoning rolling.

The Deadlands Reloaded Marshal’s Handbook is not a complete game. You’ll also need the Deadlands Reloaded Player’s Guide and the Savage Worlds core rulebook to play.


RPG Deadlands: Reloaded, Savage Worlds,
Genre History (Alternative), History (American West), Horror,
Category Alternate Rules (Variant Core Rules), Campaign Setting (game world), Sourcebook (rules/options to enhance play),
Artist Aaron Acevedo, Allan Pollack, April Lee, Blake Wilkie, Bryon Wackwitz, Carl Frank, Charles Keegan, Cheyenne Wright, Chris Appel, Cristina McAllister, Dan Frazier, Edward Fetterman, Friedrich A. Haas, Garem, Gerald Brom, Heather Bruton, James Crabtree, James Walters, Jared Blando, Jason Engle, John Worsley (I), Lissanne Lake, Llyn Hunter, Melissa Benson, Mike Kimble, Mike Raabe, Paolo Parente, Paul Carrick, Paul Herbert, Pete Venters, Peter Bradley, Randy Gallegos, Richard Thomas (I), Ron Spencer, Simon Gustafsson, Simon Ible, Theodor Black, Thomas Denmark, Tim Gerstmar, Tom Baxa, Tom Fowler, Travis Anderson, William O'Connor,
Designer B. D. Flory, Clint Black, Dave Blewer, Matthew Cutter, Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, Piotr Koryś, Shane Lacy Hensley, Simon Lucas,
Product Type Book, Role-playing game,