Deva Functionaries Old Sculpt

Deva Functionaries Old Sculpt
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This is the old sculpt of the models.

A Deva is a biosynthetic body created by ALEPH which act as host aspects. These bodies act as the very immune system of ALEPH. They have the bodies of Olympic athletes - they are amazingly fast and agile. They often act individually of each other, and are deployed among other ALEPH squads, acting as field advisers, liaisons, and as combat support. They obey orders with a cold, calculating precision - eliminating enemies with a professional efficiency that has laid waste to any enemy that drops their guard for even a split second. 
Box contains:

  • 2x Deva (Combi Rifle)
  • 2x Devabot (Electric Pulse)


Faction Aleph,
Game System Infinity,
Unit Type Light Infantry, Remote,
Scale 28mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Metal,
Category Science Fiction,
Product Type Miniature,
Model Count 4,