Dobble Super Mario

Dobble Super Mario
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In Dobble, there is only one common symbol between two cards. Be the first to spot the match to win! This “Super Mario” edition of Dobble includes many symbols from the iconic Super Mario video games The small tin box makes it the perfect game to bring along and play anywhere.


Min Players 2
Max Players 8
Min Playtime 15
Max Playtime 15
Age 7
Mechanic Hot Potato, Pattern Recognition, Speed Matching,
Category Card Game, Children's Game, Educational, Party Game, Real-time, Sports,
Artist (Uncredited), Albert Uderzo, Denis Blanchot, Igor Polouchine, Ingrid Vang Nyman, Mikmak Studio, Peyo, René Goscinny,
Designer Denis Blanchot, Guillaume Gille-Naves, Igor Polouchine, Jacques Cottereau,
Product Type Board game,