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Today the jungle fruit shop is busy and bustling once again. The shop's clerks, having too much to do, have started helping customers without checking the new inventory that has arrived. Even though they haven't checked the inventory, surely the other staff members have checked them already. But during all the excitement they ended up taking too many orders... When that happens, if someone rings the bell the shop manager gorilla will rush out of their office. If they find out about the over-sold orders......oh, it's too scary to think about! Watch out for the 3 gorilla siblings that are hanging around waiting to cause trouble!


Min Players 2
Max Players 7
Min Playtime 20
Max Playtime 20
Age 7
Mechanic Deduction, Hand Management, Push Your Luck,
Category Bluffing, Card Game, Party Game,
Artist Hiroko Izumida,
Designer Masato Uesugi,
Product Type Board game,