Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook

Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook


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From the back of the book:

Leap into sword & sorcery RPG adventures with the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook!

Powered by the popular Adventure Game Engine, Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition is easy to learn, fun to play, and welcoming to new roleplayers. The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook includes these features:

• SIMPLE CHARACTER CREATION: Pick an ancestry (such as draak, dwarf, goblin,or wildfolk), pick a class (envoy, mage, rogue, or warrior), pick a specialization (such as duelist, diplomat, pirate, and sword mage), and jump into the action.
• HEROIC STUNTS: The heart of the game is the stunt system, which brings dynamism and drama to the table. Roll doubles on 3d6 to pull off unexpected moves in combat, cast more potent
spells, perform amazing feats of physical and mental prowess, or even cut a rival down to size with a few clever words.
• MIGHTY MAGIC: Spell casters learn arcana, which are themed groups of spells. Mixing and matching the 19 arcana gives the mage class a huge amount of flexibility. To get started, choose two arcana like Beast, Cold, Death, Earth, Fate, Fire, Healing, Protection, Mind, and Shadow.
• GAME MASTER GUIDANCE: If you are new to RPGs or have never GMed before, the Core Rulebook breaks it all down for you. Not just GM advice but practicalities as well. There’s guidance for each of the GM’s four roles: Game Planner, Game Host, Game Runner, and Game Moderator.
• CUSTOMIZABLE RULES: The GM can use optional rules for the campaign to better reflect the setting. Choices include the twin systems of Peril and Daring, which allow for dramatic swings from disadvantage to advantage as the tension builds. Horror rules can give the campaign a sinister turn. The Fortune system turns Health into a combination of resilience and luck that can influence outcomes.
• THE STRANGER SHORES: The Core Rulebook introduces a campaign setting of its own called Stranger Shores. Brave the Deeps, which have been the doom of many a ship. Sail with a Mystic
Navigator to travel to distant lands.
• BREAKWATER BAY: Enter the Stranger Shores with Breakwater Bay, a starting adventure area to kick off your campaign. The book includes Set Sail for Breakwater Bay, a complete adventure.
• SO MUCH MORE: You’ll also find character talents, challenging monsters, chase rules, magic items, relationships and bonds, and more. This is the complete package.


RPG Fantasy AGE,
Genre Fantasy (High Fantasy),
Category Campaign Setting (game world), Core Rules (min needed to play), Scenario / Adventure / Module,
Artist Alyssa McCarthy, Anderson Maia, Andrey Vasilchenko, Anna Grinenko, Biagio D'Alessandro, Brian Hagan, Bryan Syme, Carlos Villa, Claudia Ianniciello, Danil Luzin, Elena Barbieri, Hannah Elizabeth Baker, Ilich Henriquez, Jack Hoyle, Jan Cruz, Joewie Aderes, John Morrow, John Wilson, Mikhail Greuli, Mirco Paganessi, Olga Drebas, Simon Carr, Stanislav Dikolenko, Toby Fox, Víctor Pérez Corbella, Wayne Reynolds,
Designer Chris Pramas, Crystal Frasier, Ian Lemke, Malcolm Sheppard, Owen K.C. Stephens, Steve Kenson,
Product Type Role-playing game,